Punitive Damages Sought Against Centennial College

     Mr. Omer Kefeli came to Canada from his native Turkey armed with his MBA and M.Eng degrees in search of a better life.  Unable to immediately access employment in the engineering field Mr. Kefeli embarked on a teaching career at the community college level.  He took on sessional assignements teaching math and engineering related subjects at Senneca College, Ryerson University and Centennial College. It was his hope that in time he would land a permanent teaching position at one of these institutions.  Never in his wildest dreams did he ever dream of the experience he was to encounter in the summer of July, 1998 while teaching a summer make-up class in Trigonometry at Centennial College.  In his Statement of Claim dated September 23rd, 2003 he asserts the following material facts.

False allegation of
bribing students for grades:

     By letter dated July 14th, 1998 Centennial College terminated Mr. Kefeli's contract in the following words:

                               "There have been some serious complaints
                                made gainst you by students.  The college
                                will be following up according to our
                                dispute resolution policy.  Please do not
                                discuss this with anyone so as not to
                                jeopardize the proceedings.  You
                                will be on leave with pay until further
                                investigations have taken place."

The above-noted leter was followed-up by yet another letter dated July 14th, 1998 to Mr. Kefeli - this time from Mr. Ron White, Manager, Safety & Security.  This letter stated the following key points to Mr. Kefeli:

                                "Further to John Mutto's letter of July 14,
                                 1998 regarding a complaint under the
                                 Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure,
                                 this letter is to inform you of the following:

                                (i)  The College, in consultation with Toronto 
                                     Police Services, is investigating the

                                (ii)  You are not to have contact with any
                                       student or staff member of the College,
                                       except for John Muto, the Human
                                       Rights Office or the writer.

                                (iii)  Until further notice we are denying
                                       you access to all Centennial College
                                       locations under the Trespass to
                                       Property Act."

Sept.15th, 1998 Mr. Kefeli
charged with 3 counts of
soliciting secret commisions:

     On September 15th, 1998 Det. Candler of the Toronto Police Service charged Mr. Kefeli with three counts of soliciting secret commissions.  The conditions of his release called for Mr. Kefeli not to be at Centennial, not do contact any students and to deposit his passport with the court or Officer in Charge.  On September 16th, 1998 Det. Chandler advised Centennial College management that he was receiving calls from the media and for them to expect calls for a statement.  The following headlines appeared in the local media:

                                              "Teacher charged in buy-grade plot" 
                                                Toronto Sun - Sept.17/98

                                              "Teacher charged"
                                               The Globe and Mail - Sept.17/98

                                               "Teacher charged in mark scam"
                                                The Toronto Star - Sept.17/98  

Internal investigation:

     The September 17th, 1998 Toronto Star article quotes Mr. John Muto, chair of the engineering school as stating:

                                     "Back in the summer the college received
                                      a complaint from the students. We
                                      conducted an internal investigation
                                     and then reported it to the Toronto

Statement of Defence
contradicts this point:

     Paragraph 9 of the Statement of Defence filed on behalf of Centennial College states the following:

                                   "On or about July 14, 1998, representatives
                                   from Centennial College met with
                                   representatives from the Toronto Police
                                  Services.  The police officers requested
                                  that Centennial College not proceed with
                                  an internal investigation in this matter. 
                                  Centennial College acceded to the police's

Mr. Kefeli vindicated:

     All of the charges against Mr. Kefeli were resolved in his favour.  One charge was withdrawn at the preliminary inquiry when one of the students failed to show to testify and the remaining two were dismissed by Mr. Justice Ferrier on April 12th, 2000 following a trial in the Superior Court.

Under psychiatric care:

     Mr. Kefeli has been under psychiatric care suffering from depression and anxiety which he and his doctor maintain is caused by his experience at the hands of Centennial College.  According to his treating psychiatrist his prognosis is poor.

Centennial College denies

     The material facts asserted in Mr. Kefeli's statement of claim and referenced above have yet to be proven in court.  The case will be scheduled for trial in Toronto in the near future.  Centennial College specifically denies that they breached the contract of employment or that they breached any duty of care owed to Mr. Kefeli in negligence.  In fact, Centennial College specifically asserts in its Statement of Defence that it acted in good faith in its dealing with Mr. Kefeli.

Note:  I act for Mr. Kefeli in this action.  I am seeking witnesses with knowledge about the matters raised in his case.  Anyone having any knowledge of the specific facts asserted above or who has suffered a similar experience at the hands of Centennial College is invited to contact me.



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